When you check in the hotel and open the guest room, you may have a curiosity about what’s the name of this type of electronic door lock, and where the door locks get power? Generally speaking, most hotels tend to use RFID door locks as their guest rooms’ door locks which get power from batteries. The door locks’ battery is one of the most important parts of the door lock system. It is because it directly affects the working function of the RDID door lock. In this article, I will talk about the door lock’s battery to guide you to understand the RFID door lock.

The Types of Batteries

Generally speaking, two types of hotel smart door lock batteries are available: alkaline batteries and lithium batteries. Most hotel door locks prefer to adopt alkaline batteries. Full-automatic smart locks prefer to adopt lithium batteries because lithium batteries can satisfy their huge power requirement. Usually, the hotel door lock battery’s service life is 8 months to 1 year. The service life of the hotel door lock battery can be affected by the battery quality, craftsmanship, technology, and the types of the hotel door lock.

How to Judge the Hotel Lock Battery Runs Out?

Actually, the designers of the electronic door lock have considered this question. When they design the door lock, they would design something to help users notice the power issue. The electronic door locks have quipped with the low battery indicator which could alert the hoteliers or guests to the low-power state. The smart hotel door lock which partners with the mobile APP reminds the hoteliers or the users of the power state by mobile application. Some door locks give a “beep, beep, beep” alarm when they actually run out of power.

Hotel Door Lock

What Should I Do?

As a guest or hotelier, you may be worried about what should I do when the electronic door lock battery is out of power and can’t be replaced immediately, please try the following solutions.

Use the mechanical keys

This is a temporary solution for guests and hoteliers. Most RFID door locks in the market are equipped with a traditional mechanical key. Therefore, the guests could contact the hoteliers to use the mechanical key to open the door.

Use Mobile Power Bank

Some advanced hotel locks are equipped with a USB interface. If you find the lock battery is out of power, you could use the mobile power bank to re-power the hotel lock through the USB interface.

Replace the Battery

This is the fundamental solution to the shortage of battery power.


The location of the door lock battery can be designed in different places. It depends on the type of the door lock or the door lock brands. The batteries are commonly placed in the lock body and the rear panel.

Lock Body.

The battery is commonly seen in the design of the hotel locks. When you open the door to disassemble the lock, the body guide plate(sidebar) can pop out of the battery box.

Rear Panel.

Hotel Door Lock Rear Panel

The battery compartment is located on the top of the rear panel and fixed by the screw. Under this situation, you can easily solve replacement with the help of the screwdriver.


When you reading this part of the conclusion, that means you have already briefly understood the basic knowledge of the door lock battery. A simple battery plays an important role in the normal function of the electronic door lock. If you don’t solve the battery issues timely, it would directly affect the guests’ Check-in experience and the quality of service.

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